Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 5, 2011

Make bag from felt tutorial

3518263_q1 (420x269, 37Kb)
3518263_q2 (400x268, 16Kb)
Soaked, pressed, walked polishers, turned, wrapped the tips of hair on the pattern.

How to make agate slice necklace

…because I’m freaking LOVING IT!
too bad St. Patrick day is long gone:)
–> much needed supplies:
* one agate slice (duh) in your “itchy color”
* random ribbons, yarn, suede cords in  same color scheme of the agate
* 18 gauge Half Hard sterling silver wire
* chain – 2 soldered rings
* a lobster clasp
* two end caps
* pliers, scissors, glue gun, thread and needle… you know, the usual

Recycling work: Cool Couture Remake tutorial

ドレープドレープ 2 
 sewing dress of the two T-shirts