Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 2, 2011

burlap roses TUTORIAL

i had several requests for how i made my burlap roses on my Christmas wreath.they are actually very similar to my felt flowers on my handbag, but with a slight twist....
  • burlap strips {for the red burlap roses, i think i used 1.5"x30" strips of burlap for each rose. but for this tutorial, i will be using a 1.5"x15" strip of burlap.}
  • hot glue gun
  • felt circle in coordinating color
  • scissors
*for best results, cut your burlap using this technique.
 fold your burlap strip in half on one side.
 roll the burlap several times to create the center of the burlap rose.
 after you've rolled it a couple times, start twisting the burlap away from the center to start creating the petals. *when you start twisting, don't fold the burlap in half anymore. only fold the strip in half for the center of the flower.
in the picture above, i am just starting to twist the burlap instead of rolling.
   sorry the nex couple pics are fuzzy. baby start crying and i was rushing.
keep twisting the burlap around and holding in place with your fingers. if you don't like the shape it is creating, feel free to undo and restart. the burlap will hold up fine.
i am done twisting and like the shape and size of my burlap rose.
next, apply hot glue to the back of the burlap flower and apply the felt circle. make sure burlap is securely glued down. apply more glue in spots that need it and trim excess felt if needed.
here it is all done! to make bigger burlap flowers, just add more length to your burlap strip.

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